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Back In The Dave

Sep 1, 2020

Music is the one creative energy that all humans connect with, of course, it's subjective, still, we somehow find our way to the music we love, during modern music's early days, fans would listen to music on the radio, records, and tapes, but there was one platform that went under the radar. Television!

We took for granted the music embedded in tv shows, the theme songs that we walked around humming in our heads, or whistling down the street.

I bet if I asked you to sing "Mr. Rogers's neighborhood," you could in a heartbeat because we had no idea the music introducing the start of our favorite television show captivated us so deeply, and often, the lyrics revealed what the show was about.

Though most television show's theme music never got radio airplay, they were just as popular as radio hits, and some did make the radio, so let's go back and sing along!