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Back In The Dave

Sep 15, 2021

Long before I had given thought to play an instrument. Life was knocking at my door saying. "Hey, music is your path in your life, man, wake up!" I ignored it for the longest time. Flying model rockets was way more fun!

Until one day, I picked up a kazoo, you remember, the little plastic wax paper instrument? I played...

Jul 15, 2021

The annual "Summer Jam" celebration. Time to dance, sing, and uplift your spirit with some of the hottest jams of our generation.

Jun 15, 2021

Lyrics, the meaning in a song; we're so driven by the beat and groove in a song; the lyrics go over our heads. Yet, when you stop to listen to the lyrics, how many times did you say, that's my story? I feel that way, or I can relate. Music is powerful. Music with lyrics speaking to the human experience is epic! Let's...

May 1, 2021

Fantasy World, my latest single releases today, but how did I almost not record this song, and what "reinspired" me to record it after forty years of it sitting in my ice cooler! Come on, let's go "Back in The Dave" to 1981, when this song deeply disappointed me!


Apr 15, 2021

1968 was the mark of a significant change in sound in the music industry. Sly and The Family Stone released their first single, "Dance to The music," and music would never be the same again.
I was the young age of six that year, and it would be eight years before I'd make a decision to become a musician and begin to...