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Back In The Dave

Apr 17, 2023

During high school, I was dead serious about being like the commodores. I modeled myself behind Lionel Richie and wanted to follow in the band's footsteps. I knew the first step was to go to college and start a band. Let me be clear. Not so much to learn music. But to start a band! Like the Commodores did. I did just that in the winter of 1981.

Chace became so promising. I dropped out of college to focus on songwriting and growing the band. Then the unexpected happens. Chace broke up in January 1984. Leaving me hurt and confused. That experience, amazingly, started my music career and my life.

It is a bittersweet story for me, but what you’ll hear is how we grew from jamming around the family piano in my family’s living room to recording in one of New York City’s major recording studios and preparing to take over the world with our funky, dance sound!