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Back In The Dave

Nov 24, 2023

It's that time of year! Time to be happy, full of joy and peace. Yet, Many of us easily fall into deep thought, thinking about those we love who have passed on. I'm there with you! For me, it's my dad, my older sister, my little brother, my grandparents and many more. And with all these holiday feelings bottled up...

Nov 15, 2023

We are so entangled in our cultures that breaking free from the script seems unimaginable. We've bought into the idea that culture defines us. Don't get me wrong; culture is fantastic for connecting, but it shouldn't be our default setting.

The subject matter in this Back in The Dave episode is particularly sensitive,...

Oct 15, 2023

Picture this: I'm on the sales floor demonstrating a stereo system for a customer back in the day; I'm rocking fresh out the studio music from my band Chace to show off the system and my music, LOL! Suddenly, disaster strikes. This is an uproarious story of how a crazy mishap turned into an epic workday tale.

Sep 15, 2023

In late 1983, I began to sense tensions within the band. Clearly, there was a pink elephant in the room. I denied there was a growing issue. Instead, I did what I always did. I went to my bedroom and came up with a bassline for another dance tune, as if music would solve our problems!

We felt success was on the way. And...

Jul 10, 2023

Transition; is a word that often refers to the passing of life, a change, a shift, the old to a new. After months of trial and tribulation trying to figure out our sound! Chace experienced a transition between late 1981 thru 1982. 

There were so many steps along our journey. As always, defining and taking the first step...